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[dir] a2ps [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] aalib [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] acme [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] AfterStep [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] aix-x11-pc [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] apache [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] apr [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] apr-util [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] argp-standalone [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] arts [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] asciidoc [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] aspell [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] atk [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] audiofile [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] autoconf [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] autoconf213 [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] autogen [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] automake [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] bash [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] bash-completion [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] bc [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] beats [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] bind [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
[dir] binutils [dir] 2022-Mar-03  
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